Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Midwife's Apprentice

The Midwife's Apprentice

Karen Cushman

Newbery Medal 1996
Excellent book.
A nameless orphan urchin goes from sleeping in the dung to becoming a midwife's apprentice, learning her self-worth/respect/potential along the way. Great role model, not preachy, interesting characters, and a ton of herbal remedies. I learned you can get a baby out by just shouting up the birth passage "Infant, come forward!" ; )

Timothy of the Cay

Timothy of the Cay

Theodore Taylor (1993)

The follow-up to The Cay alternates between Phillip's rescue and recovery and Timothy's past life from cabin boy to captain of his own ship. Phillip becomes quite independent and makes many important decisions, eventually going with his father back to the cay and Timothy's grave. Timothy's story is a quality portrayal of working hard to overcome fears and predjudice to become a strong, productive man.

connections: shipwrecks, survival, blindness; Hatchet, The Slave Dancer, Winter Danger, Follow My Leader

Ralph S. Mouse

The Mouse and the Motorcycle (1965)
Runaway Ralph (1970)

Beverly Cleary

Ralph is a mouse, and if you are a boy that knows what noises to make in order for a toy vehicle to move across the carpet, you can understand Ralph when he asks if he can borrow your wheels.

Cute stories, boy-centric, discusses taking responsibility and trying to grow up.

Charley Skedaddle

Charley Skedaddle

Patricia Beatty (1996)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Summertime Stack o' Books

I always wonder if the Librarian looks at me funny (when I'm not paying her our weekly fines, that is) since I check out as many books from the juvenile section as my boys do...

summer's first week's results:

The Mouse and the Motorcycle (1965) & Runaway Ralph (1970) by Beverly Cleary

Timothy of the Cay (1993) by Theodore Taylor

Freak the Mighty (1993) by Rodman Philbrick

plus assorted graphic novels (Batman) and parts of a couple of history books...