Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mouse Guard

by David Petersen (2007)

Medieval mice having battles and adventures -- themes of loyalty, courage, sacrifice, and beautiful art.  Some of the panels were a bit confusing in the beginning, and the mice have so very tiny eyeballs I couldn't find them sometimes, but those are minor quibbles.  A collection of the monthly comic Winter 1152 is out, as are other stories involving the fearless and fearsome mice.

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

by Judy Blume (1972)

Another favorite from my youth, and if you knew my brother and/or sister* you understand how often I exclaimed "I feel your pain, Peter!"

Nothing deep, just good entertainment, especially for for those students with younger siblings.  I found little Fudge (and Mom) more annoying than endearing, but definitely respect Peter's resiliency.

Love Blume's website, lots of personal insights on story origins and comments on censorship.

*this may read as if my brother became my sister, but I have one of each and my brother has, as far as I know, remained very manly.

Bull Run

by Paul Fleischman (1993)

Various accounts of the Civil War's opening battle.  An interesting idea but too many viewpoints to be a cohesive "story" -- prob better used to supplement a history/social studies unit, or even a readers' theater style to contrast pov.