Saturday, June 18, 2016

Khalib's Book Reviews

I think people will like Frog and Toad Together by Arnold Lobel because some people like to be friends. -- Khalib

Jasmine's Book Review

The cat in the hat the cat came to the house the people was sad because they could not play outside because it was raining.  Sally and her brother were sitting in the house they wish that they had something to do  so it was to wet to go out and it was to cold to play ball so Sally and her brother had sit in the house for it stops raining.  Sally hird a Bump then sally jump!  Then her brother saw him step in on the mat and we saw him it was the cat in the hat and he said why do you sit there like that I know that it is wet  and the sun is not sunny so we can have a lot of fun. -- Jasmine

India's Book Review

If you like monsters and school then the principal from the black lagoon you will like it   if you read the book.and they talk about  how the principals office is so spooky like if she has a pet alligators and she feeds short kids to the alligator.or does she keep cages under her desk with kids's not so spooky it’s just from a boy’s imagination in the story.  -- India

Darren's Book Review

I think people would like Danny and the Dinosaur by Syd Hoff because it has dinosaur.It is at is a fun book to read.he went to the museum.he saw indians,bear,eskioms.he saw guns and swords and dinosaurs.

Daisy's Book Review

Summer of the Sea Serpent

The Summer of the Sea Serpent  is a great story it has adventures and saving her friend they find a note from their  friend. The critters name are Jack and Annie they want to help her friend she left a note jake and annie want to help so they began there to save their friend so they mate meen diferite people they meet a nite, with there horse that has a fishtail then they meet a SPIDER QUEEN but it was a friendly spider queen she is a BIG spider and if you like adventures and scary books this can be the book that you need this can be a book that you can read if you like scary books then they found  another cloud but it was a poem the decided  to read it the books is a very good book it’s help me to help other people and to make me feel like i should do that this is a very good book i think that people should read the book it is a nice book.   – Daisy

Emma's Book Review

I think that you should read The BFG because it is funny. Their is a big giant and he is nice to this girl named Sophie.Sophie is a brave girl she is also nice to THE BFG. THe author is Roald Dahl he is funny because the words THE BFG says Frobscottle and whizzpoppers it is so funny.And Sophie and THE BFG become friends.The people hooo should read this book should be people who like giants and queens i know i do. I also like it because they're in a adventure. And i also like it because THE BFG does not know how to talk but Sophie helps THE BFG. Then THE BFG know how to talk thank you. – Emma

Sophia's Book Review

The  Magic  School Bus Hops Home
I like this book because it has animals and
adventures and you learn about animal
habitats.This book is about animals habitats
Like a beavers need a quiet pond to live in.
So they make their own habitat.Beaver are
Rodents like mice and squirrels.I recommend
that  if you like  adventures and like animals
To read and you are getting smarter,smarter,
It is call hops home from the magic school bus.
The magic school bus is a good book because
Ms.frizzle soooo fun and funny and cool.
Ms frizzle kids look at Ms.frizzle clothes

And discover what kind of the field trip.  – Sophia

Lyric's Book Review

The      foot         book        is          about         the        men      put           his        wet         foot        i           like      this       book            because        it     is   funny.       – Lyric

Dereck's Book Review

Chameleon!  I like the book because the chameleon camouflage in the trees
And i know that chameleon isn't a insect and i know that some chameleons
Look like trees and chameleons go step by step by step
And some chameleons look like a low and some
Chameleons are white.
It has eyes that move around to see insects 

Chameleons camouflage to catch their prey. -- Dereck

Ayleen's Book Review

The Magic School  Bus on the Ocean Floor
I like this book because i love the beach a lot,
and because on the ocean floor there are a lot of
living  creatures like and because the magic
school bus is adventurous , and you can find treasure .
This book is interesting because you are getting
smarter. And  some plants you see in the ocean are
living things,some animals will camouflage so they
won't being seen  ,and so they won’t be eaten up  .
 I recommend this book because it is interesting ,
And You  are getting smarter.The magic school bus
this is a good    book  because  Ms.Frizzle is soooo
Funny ,and fun because is always up for fieldtrips
She knows a lot of things about the earth,human bodys,and

living creatures. -- Ayleen

Friday, June 17, 2016

Robert's Book Review

The book Motorcycles is really fun to read, it shows you all the different kinds of motorcycles. I would recommend this book to anyone who is into dirt bikes.