Thursday, March 10, 2011



by Nick Hornby (2007)

actually not quite finished with it yet, but almost. It's good and highly recommendable so far but you know how a bad ending can mess up a perfectly good book...

Ok, finished!

Unlike most teen pregnancy stories/books, especially from the male POV, this one doesn't just end in a scare or something to get the guy off the hook -- whew! that was close! This one touches on many of the dire consequences of sex: diapers, in-laws, what she looks like after having the kid, and the dreaded "is it mine?" all with humor, honesty, and the magic of Tony Hawk.

The book started slow for me, too generic, but then came an ill-fated attempt to run away from life's troubles and "magic" leaps into the future which kept me interested. It ended well so I'm glad I stuck with it.  I certainly related to poor Sam, always saying wrong things at the worst time and being totally confused with the whole pregnancy/birth/baby deal. I will make my 16 year old son read it, and recommend it to any teens.

Sex? Yes, no details but obviously they have it. A few f-bombs get strewn about as well, but appropriately.