Friday, January 25, 2008

Onion John

Onion John

Joseph Krumgold

Newbery Medal 1960*

Fathers and sons, boys and mentally challenged homeless immigrants, small town vs. the space race... smooth, clear writing, dated references but still resonates as a story of a boy learning to make his own decisions and facing the prospect of growing up...

For older students, the role of the US in the world (back then it was communism, now...) and facing career/life choices; for all, caring for others, respecting beliefs/cultures, communication...

Plenty of excitement, different events to keep the reader interested -- a solid 5 stars for this one...

* (in hushed, deep Oscar-telecast voice:) Mr. Krumgold has previously won the Newbery in 1954 for ...And Now Miguel

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