Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bat 6

Bat 6

Virginia Euwer Wolff (1998)

6th grade girls playing softball after WWII, and the racial tension that ensues... told as recollections from the girls, some a sentence or two, some a few pages long, as they tell about getting to play in the traditional town game and deal with the reverberations from the just-ended world war, including the Japanese family returning to the home they were
forced to leave and the girl whose father died at Pearl Harbor.

Some of the reflection/perception is too mature to come from 10 year old girls, but a lot of it does capture the fragile and confusing emotions of the age, and of learning harsh realities of the adult world and relationships.

connections: WWII, japanese internment, race relations, softball

but seriously, have you ever heard a worse title?

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