Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Only You Can Save Mankind

Only You Can Save Mankind

(If Not You, Who Else?) The Johnny Maxwell Trilogy

by Terry Pratchett (1992)

The first book in Pratchett's trio, although having already read the 2nd book they aren't connected story wise... Johnny enters a video game to help the aliens reach safety, all while dealing with his tough home life and the Gulf War on tv... many pop culture and "Stormin' Norman" references, but they're not as awkward as in the next book... a little confused in parts, but so is Johnny -- dreaming, dieing, going crazy? -- but ends with strong anti-war/violence message, and good for discussion of who and when is it right to fight? And just who will save mankind?

the thrid book is Johnny and the Bomb (1996)

connections: video games, un-popular kids, divorce, perception of reality, pacifism vs war


Rhinoa said...

I do mean to read this trilogy but will probably have to wait until next year now due to far too many reading committments already!

Cindy B said...

I really loved this one! The whole trilogy is excellent, IMO.

JK said...

I've read 2 of 'em, the 3rd seems to be always checked out... same with the Westerfield Uglies series, so I decided to skip book 2 and go straight into #3...