Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Giant Rat of Sumatra: or, Pirates Galore

The Giant Rat of Sumatra

by Sid Fleischman (2005)

Good thing Flieschman Jr or Sr, I can never keep 'em straight, put in the "Pirates Galore" subtitle, because there are a ton of Giant Rats, specifically from Sumatra, in books, plays, poems, etc. out there! Never realized they were so popular...

Part pirate, part western, part history of San Diego; a shipwrecked boy helps a reforming buccaneer become a Californio ranchero and find his long lost childhood sweetheart before heading back to find his mother in Boston. Good adventure, interesting characters, life decisions, personal responsibility, character building. And pirates.

The conclusion to the Great Horned Spoon (which I have not found at the Library yet) trilogy.

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