Friday, July 17, 2015

Lizette Book Review

Book Review

I am going to writ a book review Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Once upon a time in a far far away there was a king named the prince and a woman told the prince. The village a beautiful girl loved to read and her named was belle. One day belle crossed the town square. Belle went to town to buy book. A man that want to marry belle NEXT she cried running for home. Belle father went to go some where it was cold and fog soon they got lost. Belles father herd something and it was a wolf where the fog was last. He went into the home. He said hello he called. Belle kissing the beast and he is a human.

    In my opinion Beauty and the Beast is a good book because it said. Belle love to read all kinds of books and 3 girls like the man that is a good book. To read The End.

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