Friday, July 17, 2015

Eduardo Book review

 Once there was a girl named Chrysanthemum she loved here name she thought here name was every thing she needed but when she started school a girl named Victoria made fun of here also Jo and Rita in nap time Victoria told Mrs. Chud that Chrysanthemums name has thirteen letters. Mrs. Chud said thats exactly half as many letters as there are in the entire alphabet Victoria explained thank you for sharing that with us Victoria said Mrs.chud now put your head down.

Anabels book reviw

Harolds purple crayon treasury This book is by Crockett Johnson

First  Harold woke up and he had a purple crayon then he made a rocket then lift off. then he sarted to write stars and a moon to land on then he made a alian and he and he got scard then ran off.
he went back he made a crake in the space ship. next he ran then he made more stars then he hoped on one star then to the space ship then his adventure was done. In my opinion I think my friend would  like this book becasuse she might like  purple.she is a good writer from Anabel C.

Lizette Book Review

Book Review

I am going to writ a book review Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Once upon a time in a far far away there was a king named the prince and a woman told the prince. The village a beautiful girl loved to read and her named was belle. One day belle crossed the town square. Belle went to town to buy book. A man that want to marry belle NEXT she cried running for home. Belle father went to go some where it was cold and fog soon they got lost. Belles father herd something and it was a wolf where the fog was last. He went into the home. He said hello he called. Belle kissing the beast and he is a human.

    In my opinion Beauty and the Beast is a good book because it said. Belle love to read all kinds of books and 3 girls like the man that is a good book. To read The End.

Ceejay,s book Review

Book Review

Stan and Jan Berenstain.

In the book The Berenstain Bears and the MESSY ROOM

In the story the two cubs did not clean up there toys. There mother came in and she was so so made. After he said I will clean it up. Then the next day he for got to get to pick up his toys. Then his mom came in with a trash cane. They gave a look like they ware afraid. Then she said put the toys in the trash. Then they ware made and then he said again I will clean it up then she said next time it goes in the trash. Then they said ok .

In my opinion this story is a good book for people how loves bears.I think this is a life lesson.