Saturday, June 18, 2016

Ayleen's Book Review

The Magic School  Bus on the Ocean Floor
I like this book because i love the beach a lot,
and because on the ocean floor there are a lot of
living  creatures like and because the magic
school bus is adventurous , and you can find treasure .
This book is interesting because you are getting
smarter. And  some plants you see in the ocean are
living things,some animals will camouflage so they
won't being seen  ,and so they won’t be eaten up  .
 I recommend this book because it is interesting ,
And You  are getting smarter.The magic school bus
this is a good    book  because  Ms.Frizzle is soooo
Funny ,and fun because is always up for fieldtrips
She knows a lot of things about the earth,human bodys,and

living creatures. -- Ayleen

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