Monday, March 10, 2008



Lois Lowry (2006)

I know, I know -- so I have a little crush on Ms. Lowry. It's not like I'm hoping her next Newbery winner is titled "TeacherDad" or includes a special dedication to her #1 fan...

I think one of her talents is making the reader feel a part of the story right away; within the first few pages I feel as if I'm in the room with her characters, actually turning my head to hear one speak. Gossamer is about dream-fairies, and I found myself being quiet, holding still and listening carefully as I read of them sneaking into a house at night while people slept. When her characters are concerned or hurt, or in danger, I'm not only apprehensive because it's a good story, I'm emotionally invested, I care for them...

Lowry also uses very precise language, both as a plot device and as an art form; her characters are often named for their job or personality, or become "named" as a rite of passage. Especially in Gossamer her characters discuss the proper word for a situation or an emotion, making sure it expresses the correct tone and conveys the correct meaning to those hearing the word used. Perfect for vocabulary lessons!

This book is also about a boy from a broken home, abused by his father, shuttled around foster homes while his mom puts her life back together. He's taken in by a retired teacher and her dog, and we see how their memories and dreams help them to cope with life.

connections: divorce, foster care, Dear Mr. Henshaw


Rhinoa said...

Now this one I haven't heard of and I want it now! I first got into her Anastasia stories which were much less serious but I have loved her books since I was about 8. I would love to read her entire back catalogue.

aannttiiiittnnaa said...

Will be looking this one up, sounds like a great story. Love just about anything related to dreams.

Also wanted to get back to you about your comment on the E.T book I posted, there are actually 2 books by William Kotzwinkle, the first follows the story as in the film and the second 'The Book Of The Green Planet' takes place after that, I haven't read this one yet but its reviews look good

Really like your blog by the way :)