Sunday, March 9, 2008



Lois Lowry (2004)

The continuing story from The Giver and Gathering Blue, but different than the others by the more supernatural element throughout. I think the book suffers some for this, especially the weak ending; unlike her others, where the conclusion comes too soon because you want to read more, this ending comes at the point when she just can't add anything else or it will really get strange... adding the magic takes away from the strong characters, from the personalities and wills that were special in the other books.

But it's still good, worth the read. Family relationships, societal relationships and responsibilities, thinking for yourself vs. crowd mentality, materialism, use of talents and "gifts" for the greater good, or for personal gain?

connections: any of Lowry's other books I've read, gardening, healing


Rhinoa said...

I really enjoyed The Giver last year and am looking forward to reading both this and Gathering Blue this year. You should give Number the Stars a go by Lowry if you liked these. It's about a Dutch girl and her family during the Second World War and the Jewish population there.

JK said...

I picked up "Number the Stars" too, and read it yesterday -- I think I'm obsessed/infatuated with Ms. Lowry now, so I'll grab all her books I can find next trip to the Library...