Monday, March 8, 2010

Losing Joe's Place

Losing Joe's Place

by Gordon Korman (1990)

My son has been trumpeting this book for years, and I'm glad I finally got to it in the stack; it's fun, funny, quick, entertaining, and has positive messages without being heavy in the message department.

Jason and two friends are set for a teenage boy's dream summer, complete with bachelor pad, Camaro, and no parents.  But before the all-to-typical Hollywood version of the "dream summer" can develop, Jason and buds face situations that require them to think and get creative to solve problems, as well as get along with several interesting characters.  It's not pure realism, but connectible to many real world situations.

why I picked it up:  Son #2 can be very insistent, and  I needed a lighter read after a few bouts with cancer and racism.
why I finished it:  A lot of interesting characters, plus I related to Jason, the jobless and housekeeping lead.
who I would give it to:**  Boys and girls, overachievers, chefs, kids with older brothers.

*minor quibble: Joe, the big brother, is supposedly a studly and intimidating model/body builder, but dude on the cover looks mighty skinny...
**shouldn't that be "to whom would this I give" or something like that?

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