Wednesday, March 31, 2010

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nevermind, guess I can... Blogger's touchy tonight?

Nope, I can't. It worked that once and then deleted this reply several times, so I give up... here's my reply to the comments from my violence post, if Blogger doesn't muck the whole thing up...

Anyway, excellent points.  I understand violence is a fact of life and needs to be a part of teaching children/students -- can't tell them not to touch the stove without teaching what burning is, right? But I think the line gets crossed, usually unnecessarily, too often and exposes and inures readers to the very thing we want them to avoid.

I haven't looked at my entire list of reviewed books, but the recent Tangerine, which I liked, had unsavory elements that probably did not need to be a part of the book. I won't avoid books like Charlotte's Web on my "violence boycott" but I would pass on Tangerine... and don't get me started on video games!

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