Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Black Pearl

The Black Pearl

by Scott O'Dell (1967)

The classic tale: boy finds pearl, boy loses pearl. Boy's dad gives pearl away, giant manta wants revenge for pearl, boy steals pearl to toss back into ocean.

Superstition, greed, selfish/selfless, allegory, nature.

Which came first? Doesn't this sound like a Steinbeck story?  I'm going to back and read his version again, it's been awhile...


Shelley said...

I've wanted to read this since reading Island of the Blue Dolphins which I was actually surprised that I liked.
Great blog! I love the header!

Joel said...

I remember loving I of BD as a kid and have re-read it a few times; but until recently that was the only O'Dell I'd read -- need to check out some more.