Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Last Skirt

My Last Skirt
The Story of Jennie Hodgers, Union Soldier

by  Lynda Durrant (2006)

An Irish girl poses as a boy to get a job, comes to America and works as a boy, then fights in the Civil War as a boy.  The true story of a "petticoat soldier" told as fiction from the girl's pov with elements of immigration, women's rights, war, evolution, and a wee touch of romance.

The ending was a bit odd, our hero/heroine turned from a teen soldier into a grumpy old man, but overall an excellent book. The issues she faces becoming a he are dealt with maturely and realistically, and right from the beginning I saw her as a person, an Irish immigrant then a soldier, rather than a girl impersonating a boy.

Found these other Civil war books to add to the TBR stack.

confession: I stole this book.  Well, just borrowed it really from the teacher I subbed for yesterday, but it's okay since it was my son's class and because I just read The Book Thief.  I'll sneak it into his backpack after he goes to bed.

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