Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Is It Night or Day?

Is It Night or Day? *

by Fern Schumer Chapman (2010)

The story of a Jewish German girl sent to live in America to escape the inevitable in WWII.  Not a cheerful story or rousing ending, but very poignant and seems to accurately portray the swing and resiliency of childhood emotions (which are often the only thing allowing children to survive the horrors this world subjects them to).

This would be a nice companion to The Book Thief, showing a slightly different side (and location) touched by the Holocaust.  Highly recommended.

The author based the story on her mother's life, and has another book and a nice website as well.

* exactly how should the title be written -- It and Or, it and or, It and or ...? I've seen it several different ways. What's the rule, or do I just go by what looks better?


Anonymous said...


Thank you for your kind review and encouraging comments on my website.

My mother's story is an example of the difficulties child immigrants face when attempting to assimilate into American culture. At school, students simply see these new classmates as odd; they don't understanding the challenges and traumas that defined these immigrant children. Many are fleeing political strife in their homelands and they have come to this country without parents. It is something to consider as Haitian refugees enter American classrooms.

Thanks again for your interest and support.

Fern Schumer Chapman
author of IS IT NIGHT OR DAY?

Joel said...

Down here in San Diego we see a lot of the assimilation difficulties, from both sides. I find it interesting when working at a school that reverses the norm and noting the adjustments US born students make in classrooms where they are the minority (especially during the World Cup!).

Thank you for your comment, I'm looking forward to reading your other books.