Sunday, June 13, 2010

La Telarana de Carlota

Charlotte's Web (en Espanol)

by E. B. White* (1952)

Of course I've read this one before, but this week it will be in Spanish, out loud, to a 2nd grade class... wish me suerte!

*first posted this with "Stuart Little" as the author; should not blog and watch NBA Finals at same time.


Cassy said...

Hello! I'm a bilingual 4th gr teacher. Just want to warn you the spanish translation of Charlotte's Web makes for a more difficult read... I recall some of the vocab being kind of tricky for my kids.

What grade do you teach? Is it a bilingual or Dual Language setting? Good Luck with Carlota! and I will definitely share titles with you...

A favorite - about an unlikely freindship - is Peach and Blue, by Sarah Kilborne. It's a must read, a must share... enjoy!

Joel said...

I'm subbing this week for 2nd grade class, normally Spanish immersion but I'm not nearly fluent enough -- I've used a lot of 7 year old translators! We ended up having time today to read the same chapter in both languages.
Thanks for the book suggestion!

Joel said...

I found Peach & Blue, review coming soon! thanks for the suggestion.