Thursday, July 8, 2010

The 7 Habits of Happy Kids

The 7 Habits of Happy Kids

by Sean Covey (2008)

Cute stories to teach life lessons, and not too preachy at all -- would be great for read aloud at the beginning of the school year, even for upper grades (break the ice, remind them of manners, respect, etc.).  There is also a "parents' corner" at the end of each chapter with discussion questions and helpful hints.

Wonder if I could buy several copies and pass them out the first day of school -- can we give parents homework assignments?

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Okie said...

This is a fun book. I've read it a few times with my kids. My daughter will sometimes have me read chapters at nighttime story time.

They especially love providing answers to the questions at the end of each section.

I would love to see parents and kids read this book together...or at the very least, have some of the discussions this book starts.

I've thought of giving a copy to some people. There are some who I know would really latch onto it...but there are others who would just let it collect dust. They might encourage their kids to read it, but might not read it together with them (and thus, not "really" encourage reading it at all).

This sort of "help the kids" mentality seems to be getting more and more lost in modern society and it just makes me sad (and a little worried for the future).