Saturday, June 18, 2016

Daisy's Book Review

Summer of the Sea Serpent

The Summer of the Sea Serpent  is a great story it has adventures and saving her friend they find a note from their  friend. The critters name are Jack and Annie they want to help her friend she left a note jake and annie want to help so they began there to save their friend so they mate meen diferite people they meet a nite, with there horse that has a fishtail then they meet a SPIDER QUEEN but it was a friendly spider queen she is a BIG spider and if you like adventures and scary books this can be the book that you need this can be a book that you can read if you like scary books then they found  another cloud but it was a poem the decided  to read it the books is a very good book it’s help me to help other people and to make me feel like i should do that this is a very good book i think that people should read the book it is a nice book.   – Daisy

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Mr. Nauton's Class said...

Good job, Daisy. I think I will read this one next.