Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Al Capone Stole My Post

Al Capone Does My Shirts

Gennifer Choldenko (2004)

Newbery Honor

One of Son #1's faves growing up, I think he still re-reads it once in awhile. Good brother/sister story as well as a family's struggle with struggling through the Depression and dealing with an autistic child.  Interesting supporting characters, realistic family dynamics/drama, but the star is Moose and his roller coaster of emotions as he deals with being the new kid at school and having a sister with special needs.  Humorous, quick paced, and can lead many ways in discussion.

Some of my students read this and became really interested in Alcatraz, insisting this was a gangster book. Ok. Capone and the prisoners are a part of the story, and if that's what piqued their interest I'll go with it. There is a sequel too, but it's still in the "Read Me" stack. And of course there's a website!


Thought for sure I already read this one, but can't find a post here. Hmm. But it is one of the very first books in my very first Book Club so I'm checking around for stuff to go with it.

Kids love prisons, don't they?

Alcatrez Prison Virtual Tour


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